As Thanksgiving approaches, it is beyond time for the annual fall session of Motorized Tetris.

This year’s edition was complicated by pouring rain. At least it wasn’t snowing.

First step: empty one garage bay and clear out the driveway in front of the garage. Honda and Volvo to temporary spots at the edge of the woods.

Next: move Ural from storage barn to garage. This is temporary but necessary to keep the sidecar from filling with rain.

Start & move out riding mower.

Jump start Wheel Horse. Idle outside to charge (in the rain.).

Move VW Bus out of garage, idle in driveway. Start snowblower & move to main garage with Ural.

Riding mower back into storage barn. Remove mower deck and install snowblower.

Tractor/snowblower combo moves to former VW garage bay, where it is joined by smaller snowblower and ATV with plow.

Wheel Horse (now charged) back into storage barn. Bus and Ural squeezed back into barn in space formerly occupied by mowers.

Clean up around the edges. Go get into clean, dry clothes. Honda back to customary garage bay.

Reverse the entire process in April…