Credit where it’s due

Long term readers of the blog will be aware that my life is often a shell game. Every simple task seems to take extra steps, backtracking, and at least twice as long as it should. This is a major ongoing frustration for me.

This past week we had a windstorm. A large tree fell across the driveway far enough from the house that I could not see it until leaving for work.

The saw was packed in the wagon, though. It started on the first pull. The tree was light and dry, and Kiddo and I made it to school/work respectively on time.

I took the rail car out both days this weekend. It ran well. I did manage to break the winch on the trailer, but I have a backup manual boat winch. No foul.

I started today with two goals: install a muffler on the rail car, and replace a worn CV axle on the Volvo. I finished both by lunch, uninjured and with only a modicum of cursing.

I used the extra time to finish cutting up and removing the rest of the tree.

I don’t know why things are going well. I would like to credit preparation and experience, but it’s more likely just probability working in my favor. I’m still enjoying it.

I have no photographic evidence of any of this. Instead, here is a flock of pigeons mooching pizza at Salisbury beach.