YouTube University

I have had a small success this evening, so I will crow about it.

The Volvo needs brakes. Disc brakes are easy, so I ordered the parts. Jack up car, take wheel off. Unbolt caliper. Unbolt caliper carrier.

Uh-oh. Stuck. Apply penetrating oil liberally. Wait, unbolt caliper carrier.

Still stuck.

Find a pipe to extend the ratchet. Unbolt caliper carrier.

(Notice ripped CV joint boot. File away for future repair.)

Remove rotor. It’s just pressed on. . . and held with 20+ years of rust.

Bang on rotor. Apply penetrating oil. Bang on rotor. Get a bigger hammer. Bang more.

Head to YouTube for ideas.

This guy seems promising. Bang on rotor, check. Bigger hammer, check. AIR HAMMER – don’t have one. What else has he got? HYDRAULIC GEAR PULLER!

I don’t have one. Wouldn’t mind getting one though.

Other options? This guy looks good:

Bang on rotor. (Yeah got that part.)

Bigger hammer. (Get on with it.)

Heat. (Thought of that. Don’t want to use torch on oil coated rotor inside my garage, though.)

BOLTS!!! OMG, why didn’t I think of that?!

$1.75 at the hardware store. Three minutes with a wrench. Rotor removed. Ten more minutes and the job was done. Thank you, YouTube University.