Coffee Shop

I have a favorite local coffee shop. It’s an odd little place located at the edge of a river. You have to drive through a marina to get there, and you often have to compete with trailers and grounded cabin cruisers for parking.

I would come here more often, but their hours of operation coincide with my work. They’re not hugely into the morning commuter crowd.

At mid-day, it’s a crowded place. They have good WiFi, so each table is occupied by one person with a laptop. They have their own branded (very good) coffee, multiple tea choices, and pastries served on actual plates.

This morning things are quiet. Early morning insomnia has me headed for Big Orange Home Improvement, but I will take the time to sit, sip my tea, and type. One other customer, an old man in a golf hat, sits in a corner doing today’s crossword in the paper. The staff chats with the regulars as they drop in for their to-go orders.

The late sunrise fades from pink to yellow. The bridge resumes its normal DOT green color as chunks of ice float past on the famous river, while the Muzak transitions from “Its 5 O’clock Somewhere” to “American Pie.” Its time to return my plate and get on with my day.