This year it’s personal

I started riding in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride three years ago simply as a lark.  It was a chance to hang with cool people and oggle their bikes, while nominally doing something useful.  It’s not that different from the origin story of the DGR itself.

But this year something has changed.

In the past 2 years I’ve lost friends both to cancer and suicide.  

This needs to stop.

Please consider sponsoring me here.  All funds go to the Movember Foundation to pay for male-specific cancer research and mental health support.  If not the DGR, please consider giving where you think it will help.

Talk to the people aorund you.  Don’t let depression and suicide sneak up on you.  Be there for your friends and coworkers.

And for my Brothers in the fire service, WASH YOUR DAMN TURNOUT GEAR.