Alton, Beverly & Western

It’s been a crazy summer despite our best efforts to keep the schedule in check.  Beth’s school ran almost two weeks late because of weather, and her new one starts a week earlier that the old one.  This means the summer was three weeks shorter than usual.

The regular horse show schedule hasn’t let up.

Three weeks ago we lost a cat unexpectedly, followed by an uncle equally unexpectedly.  This week one of the horses became suddenly, life-threateningly ill.

I’ve been neglecting the blog.  I still haven’t written about my awesome new car.

Life goes on.  We are adapting to the loss of Clara.  We’ve scheduled flights, hotels, and vacation time for a funeral halfway across the county.  The horse is recovering well.

I’ve still found some time to play with friends.  Last weekend was steaming at Mike Wells’ Alton, Beverly & Western Railway.  Enjoy!