Low Hanging Fruit

I have many posts floating around in my head which require work.  Here are a couple of easy updates.

Yesterday was Family Day at CVRTC.  After the picnic, I took a new member out for a spin on the M9 then returned to Fernald to catch a ride on the A3.  Weather was sunny and hot and fabulous.  Enjoy a quick clip:

Today I finally ‘finished’ the motorcycle, at least for now.

The most striking modification is the paint.  I had the tank done in dark red, with old-school Suzuki badges.  The side covers are 2016 black with sliver decals.  The rack is by Manracks, the fly screen is from WeBike Japan, saddlebags are from the local army surplus store.  Bar end mirrors and an LED tail light complete the package along with a mustache decal from the DGR.

Here’s a shot of its original incarnation for comparison.

2015-10-19 15.15.43

I’m very happy with the result.

I haven’t ridden much this spring.  Time has been taken up with the new car, but that’s another post.