A Skilsaw?

Ideas float in my head but will not come out.

All should be peaceful on the porch.  The clothes dryer hums softly.  The sprinkler waters the strawberry patch while FeistyCricket calmly watches for squirrels in the trees.  A jet drifts overhead en route to Big City International Airport.

There’s so much to write about.  I have an amazing new car.  I attended a memorial function for a friend last weekend.  I worked a fatal MVC this week.  Sebastian’s health has us worried; he’s declining but still happy.

The scanner yaps.  My day job babbles about running two calls at once.  Two lieutenants and a captain all respond to the same service call.  The dispatcher is being obtuse.  Both roosters let loose at the same time, and my neighbor is doing something with his Skilsaw.  I still have chores to do.  

There will be no zen this evening.