2017-11-06 #NaBloPoMo

Monday.  The first of the week is upon us, Kiddo is back in school, and I have the day off.  Mondays are my time to Make Things Happen.

  • Trash out
  • Dentist, check.
  • Essex County Co-Op, check.
  • Unload car
  • Winterize RV, check.
  • Clean chicken coops, check.

Then as often happens in the life of a volunteer firefighter, my day went off the rails.  The coops did not get winterized.  The snow tires did not get mounted. The leaves did not get raked, blown or vacuumed.

I didn’t get into the darkroom, and I did not get to pen an eloquent blog post for the 6th day in a row.  I did find my Bluetooth keyboard, so at least I can type posts on my iPad now. (I am handicapped by my formal typing education.  Ever try to touch-type on a touchscreen?)

Tomorrow is another day.