2017-11-04 #NaBloPoMo

Almost a month ago I wrote:

. . .my hope is that when I feel the urge to tweet or Instagram I will draft a blog post instead.

I cannot say that it’s worked. Twitter has crept back onto my phone. I have now installed and uninstalled the app so often that my account was briefly locked. Twitter thought I was a bot.

Facebook makes you hate the people you know, while Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met.

And therein lies the problem for me. I’m largely over Facebook. I refuse to use the app. My account is mostly dormant, and I only log in rarely to make sure it has not been hijacked. 

On Twitter however, I have a few friends who I rarely get to see in person. They are good people with common interests, and I’d miss them if I closed my account. I could do a bitter job of meeting some of them in real life, but others are truly inaccessible to me. I won’t be flying to Seattle or the UAE for coffee any time soon. 

So, more posts here and limited Twitter time. It’s a goal. 


As I type this it’s 38F with a beautiful orange early morning sun. There is a large flock of birds at the farm preparing to migrate. Every few minutes they explode into the sky and circle with the sound of a thousand wind driven leaves crossing the lawn. Autumn seems to have finally arrived.