2017-11-02 #NaBloPoMo

This has been the week that keeps on giving.  We had a major windstorm on Sunday night.  Hometown faired well, but neighboring Town Where I Work was shredded.  The power was finally restored at the firehouse yesterday noon.  Some parts of town were just getting electricity back today, and other neighboring towns are worse.

The storm means fire calls.  We get the usual wires and trees down, as you would expect.  Half of the fire alarms malfunction when the power fails, and the other half malfunction when it comes back.  People seem to get sick and injured for completely un-storm-related reasons, yet they do it at a higher rate than on regular days.  There was a major fire, and a minor almost-fire. We have been non-stop 24×7 since the storm began, or so it seems.

This is a long way of saying “no profound blog post tonight.”  Mrs. Mack505 and I have theater tickets and plan to spend some time together IRL.  See you tomorrow!

P.S. Sebastian would like you all to know that it’s dinner time.