Truly random musings

I’ve been neglecting the blog again.  As I read over this summer’s posts, I find a number of things at which I have hinted and never followed through.  Here then, in no particular order, are a few updates.

First and most importantly: Sebastian.  Sebby is still with us and going strong.  The vet was amazed that he’s lived this long.  Beyond just living, Sebby is a cute grumpy old man.  He spends most of his days sleeping in the sun and most of his nights sleeping between us on his pillow.  He’s deaf as a stump, eats like a horse, and purrs like crazy whenever you look at him.  For a 17 year old cat with renal failure and a mass in his lungs he is positively thriving.  We don’t know how long it will last, but we’re enjoying every day of it.

My car: I alluded to a new car back in the spring.  Thanks to the VW Diesel settlement, I’m the proud owner of a 2017 Honda Civic.  I’ll post a picture eventually.  It’s a red so dark that it often looks black.  (I drove the VW for 6 years and 80,000 miles for only about $7500 in depreciation.  I can’t complain.)

Detox: I wrote a bit about trying to detox from the tech in my life.  The process has had its ups and downs.  Apps creep back onto my phone and into my life.  I’ve recently removed Twitter from the phone again.  Today I installed the WordPress app, and my hope is that when I feel the urge to tweet or Instagram I will draft a blog post instead.  If it works traffic should pick up here.

I need to tell you all about Seek the Peek, the DGR, thinning my collections, and the bus saga; and I have lots of film to develop. It’s after 23:00 hours though, so I think this will suffice for tonight.