Of fox and chickens. . .

It’s been a beautiful but busy weekend.  I’ve done more calls with my two fire companies in the past 2 days than I did all week on duty.  Sometimes it happens.

I’ve been slightly neglecting the chickens, but I took time to feed and water before running off this morning.  We have four chicken coops, designated Alpha through Delta.  Alpha is a large shed and was the primary coop for years.  This spring Alpha was replaced by Bravo.  Alpha is now storage and space for ‘special needs’ birds.

As I approached the coops I noted that the door to Alpha was unlatched and partially open.  We’ve done battle with fox and raccoons for years, so this was a very bad sign.

I opened the door slowly and was greeted by a flurry of feathers.


Then I opened the door the rest of the way.  There was a large pile of fox scat in the direct center of the coop.  My three broody hens all sat on their nests in the corner, happy & unharmed if missing a few feathers.

Remember folks, chickens are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs.  Mine are apparently Velociraptors.

I do wonder what they did with the fox. . .