Why am I so tired again?

Everyone is out of town this week, so I’m minding the family store.

18:00 hours, home from dinner after work.

  • Fed my parents’ 5 cats and their feral colony.
  • Warmed up the photo processor and the railcar.
  • Fed and watered 14 chickens in three coops.
  • Changed transmission oil in the motorcar; it’s going to get a workout this weekend at Thomas.
  • Changed mirrors and saddlebags on one of my motorcycles.
  • Fed and watered my own 7 cats, one of whom requires a special diet.
  • Washed dishes.
  • Emptied trash.
  • Developed 5 rolls of film.
  • Fed 21 (-ish, I lost count) rescue guinea pigs, two rabbits, a hamster, a Betta fish and a tank of tropical fish. (I didn’t even try to count them.)
  • Started laundry.

It’s almost 22:00. After this I’m off to start the Roomba and fall into bed with a book.  Tomorrow I get to do it all again, plus work a PR detail for the fire department and clean the litter boxes.  (At least the laundry will be done.)

Why am I so tired?