Detox update

It’s April 2nd, so an update on my digital detox is due.  Firstly, the burner didn’t work out.  I found that I text with family enough that the T9 keyboard drove me nuts.  I also use MMS messages for backup dispatching at work, and the flip phone simply didn’t handle this well.  Then there was the issue of podcasts. I listen a lot in the car, and carrying a separate iPod runs counter to my aim of simplifying. I swallowed my pride and reactivated my iPhone within 48 hours.

The rest of the detox went well.  I still have no email or social media on the phone.  The Twitter twitch is still there, especially in those interstitial times such as waiting in lines or sitting alone in a restaurant.  I’m fighting it, and I have no plans to add complexity back into my phone.

 Here’s my home screen.  Everything I couldn’t delete or that I use rarely is hidden in three folders on the second page.  That’s it.  The detox continues.