Upping the ante

I awoke yesterday morning with a brainstorm.  Somewhere in a drawer I had a very lightly used circa-2012 LG phone.  It’s a cute little handset, approximately 2.5″ by 1″ with a sliding keyboard and no smart features.  We bought it for Beth at a very young age to have on vacation in case we became separated.

For most of its life it has done nothing.  It waits patiently for the day when one of us loses or breaks our smartphone.  It would finally get the chance to fulfill its potential.

A simple phone call to AT&T would drag my cellular technology back to pre-2007 levels.  If I only knew. . .

I won’t bore you with the details, mainly because it’s too early in the morning to raise my blood pressure again.  Two phone calls to AT&T and one visit to the store later, I had succeeded in permanently bricking the LG and disabling the SIM in my iPhone. It would be out of service for at least 3 business days.  I had downgraded my communications technology to pre-1995 levels.

There was panic.  I had to pick up Mrs. Mack505 at the airport in less than an hour, and we were planning to use the cell phone lot!  The digital detox was off to a bad start.

Stay tuned. . .