The Twitch

I have a small confession to make.  I’ve been lazy in my writing.  Yesterday’s digital detox has actually been ongoing for at least a week.  Here are a few observations.

I’ve found that I don’t miss Facebook at all.  There was much more drama there than I had realized.  If something important happens with my family or friends I will hear about it eventually.

Instagram: I didn’t use it much anyway.  It’s no loss.  Ditto for Flickr.

Twitter is the issue.  For most of the week I found myself having twitches to tweet something.  Upon further reflection, most of the comments were not worth relaying later during my designated Twitter time.  I suspect this is true of most social media posts.

I’m still using Netflix and Amazon Video but with a purpose.  45 minutes of TV equals a decent chunk of time on the treadmill.  Bingeing was never so healthy.

My morning hour of screen time is almost up.  I’m off to feed the cats, fill the pellet stove and humidifiers, wash the dishes, and then read a book.  You know, IRL.  See you tonight.