Hello 2017!

I’m back.  (I never really went anywhere, I just haven’t been posting.)

2016 is gone.  It was a rough year, but I refuse to jump on the “2016 s*cked” bandwagon.  I don’t care about celebrities, and politics was just a bit more honest than usual.  On the home front, we lost Noah in July and Mrs. Mack505’s horse in November.  A friend succumbed to cancer.  A bunch of other non-fun stuff happened.

I hiked more than in most years, and I finally summitted Mount Washington in July.  Beth wants to do it with me this year.  I rode the TU250 in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and I landed a great new job.  VW is scheduled to buy my car back next week. . .

I’ve been struggling with the idea of a photo project for 2017, but things are shaking out.  When I look back at past projects 2010’s Project 365 stands out.  2010 was also a rough year for me, but the book I made shows lots of wonderful moments among the garbage.

2017 will have two projects: a Project 365 which will be mostly digital, and a 52 Prints project to get me back in the darkroom.  Wish me luck!

Without further ado, January 1, 2017.

Beth and Nana make cookies
Drone selfie

January 2, 2017:

Cricket was VERY HAPPY to see us return home.