Getting (stuff) Done

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am failing as a homeowner.  It’s a big house, and there is always more maintenance to do.  It’s time to set some priorities.  I should be able to handle painting and light carpentry.

Things are going to change, starting today.

Ages ago, the master shower sprung a leak.  A small section of the kitchen ceiling was damaged.  After the leak was repaired I fashioned a wooden access hatch to cover the hole.  I would have said it was for easy future access, but it was really because I didn’t know how to work with Sheetrock.

The hatch was damaged in the Great Ice Dam Incident of 2015.  It became an ugly hole in the kitchen ceiling.

Today I say “No more!”  I am a healthy American male with tools and time.  I will not let plasterboard defeat me.

(Plus it was an excuse to use a Sawzall in the kitchen.)

Stay tuned for mud and paint.  How hard can it be?