Bring on the mountain (a walk in the woods part 3)

May 24 allowed me to finally set foot on Mt. Washington.  The day remained overcast with a threat of thunder showers, but conditions were OK for a hke.  My initial objective was Hermit Lake at the foot of Tuckerman’s Ravine.  It’s a comon spring hike for me.IMG_0613

I saw only one other hiker on my solitary spring hike.  Hermit Lake shelter was easily reached.  I considered continuing up to the actual base of the ravine, but I was met with ice on the trail above the lake.  As always I was unwilling to contend with ice, so I turned back.  It was a good start.


I paused on the deck at Hermit Lake as a thundershower rolled into the area.  It stayed below me in the valley.