The Minimalism Game: retrospective

Well I did it. 31 days of downsizing.  There’s the evidence scrolling by. In the beginning, it was difficult to restrain myself; I’ve been bitten by the disposal bug.  I never had a day which I found hard, although I did double up to make up for days spent at work.

They say the average American home has 30,000 things in it.  We are probably more fortunate than average.  After removing 508 items, you wouldn’t know it if you walked into my house.  I can point out specific areas of improvement, but there is still a lot to do.

How to continue is the question.  Part of me is tempted to continue ratcheting the count upwards until I cannot sustain it.  The problem is that 25 or so items does a good job of filling my car.  For the last week my wagon has looked like I live in it, and the folks at Goodwill are beginning to recognize me.

I could reset the calendar, but getting rid of only one thing on April 1 seems a failure after such success.

I averaged slightly over 15 items per day for the month, so I think that is a good benchmark.  I will strive to continue removing at least 15 things per day for as long as possible.  Wish me luck.

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