In the last two weeks the boiler has malfunctioned and tried to kill us; we discovered that the VW bus needs a motor rebuild; the dog attacked one of the cats (both are OK); and my debit card was compromised and started buying a lot of Uber rides and Grubhub deliveries.

Oh, and Mrs. Mack505’s horse and best friend both made strong attempts at dying.

I could be forgiven for feeling stressed out, yet I’m not.  It’s just life.  Perhaps a rough patch.

The CO alarms worked. The boiler was fixed without further incident. The VW is a toy, so we will save up the cash to rebuild it when we can. Like the bionic man it will be stronger and better afterwards. We think we know what occurred between Cricket and Saffy, so we can prevent a recurrence.

The bank caught the debit card problem within 24 hours. I have a new card already. (Yay TDBank!) They were much more efficient than other banks have been in the past.

The vet and the doctors did their jobs with skill and luck. Everyone will be OK.

The decluttering continues, and I am looking forward to warmer weather.