Purchasing experiment – update

Back in early February, I vowed to purchase nothing but expendables for 30 days.  I almost made it, but I caved while on vacation and bought a new iced tea pitcher.

I reset the clock and tried again.  It is becoming a habit, but I haven’t been perfect. I did buy a new bicycle,  but I traded in one of my old ones. Net zero. Hopefully the new one will fit my current life better.  I also bought a small gift for Mrs. Mack505. (Don’t tell her. It hasn’t arrived yet.)

Yesterday I noticed something interesting.  I went into Big Orange Home Improvement Warehouse to replace a broken trash can and pick up some primer for our ceilings.  It felt weird.  There were acres of stuff to buy, and I wanted none of it.  I didn’t really even want the stuff I was there to get.  I got what I needed and got out quickly.

Tonight we trekked to Big Green Chain Bookstore Which is More About Electronics and Coffee Now.  It’s a weakness for me. I rarely leave for less than $100. A similar thing happened, though.  I bought two books, both non-fiction.  None of the usual authors or subjects appealed to me.  I have plenty to read already and access to a good library.  In the bookstore I could happily browse but didn’t feel the need to buy.

I’m one day short of my 30 day non-purchasing goal.  I hope I can keep up the habit indefinitely.