#minsgame Day 20


Minimalism Game Day 20:

The garage purge continues.  A puppy gate, another chicken show crate, 4 red filters left from one of Day 3’s light bars, 8 parts comprising 2 separate kayak racks, 2 auto service ramps, a pair of snowshoes, a collapsible trash can, a dog toy, and a defunct VW smog pump.

I’m considering whether to keep the kayak at all. Either way I already have a different style rack on the car.  These date from our 2003 Suburban which was sold 9 years ago.

I may regret the ramps, but lately I would rather pay a mechanic than crawl under my car. If I need to get that far under it then it needs to go on a lift.

The dog doesn’t fetch outside as we cannot let her off leash, and the VW is currently as defunct as the smog pump. (Hopefully that part is only temporary.)

Everything has been given away, recycled, or forwarded to new owners as appropriate.