#MinsGame Day 12


Minimalism Game Day 12: the garage purge continues

A computer backpack which I never use.  I tried it again recently, but it felt too big and bulky. I prefer my canvas messenger bag. Gone.

The case from my old CPAP.  It’s a great case, but the backup CPAP lives in my work bag now. Two amber lights from when Mrs. Mack5o5 owned a mail Jeep. They predate Kiddo. Two electronic sirens, 3 more fire helmets, and a broken pressure gauge. All came in an auction lot of antique truck parts years ago. A never-used switch box, and a random power cable which I think belongs to a light bar from Day 3.

A couple things were suitable for Goodwill; the rest went in the trash.

Running total: 76 things

  • a computer backpack
  • a CPAP case
  • 2 amber lights
  • a random power cable
  • a switch box
  • a broken pressure gauge
  • 3 yard ornaments
  • 6 old fire helmets
  • 2 tail lights
  • a coil of wire
  • 3 old sirens
  • a CB radio
  • a water jug
  • snow shoes
  • 4 rolls of rat wire
  • 3 O-scale train cars
  • a model train power pack
  • 13 model fire engines
  • 2 boxes of model people
  • a pair of duty boots
  • a chalkboard
  • a drill press
  • 6 video tapes
  • 2 floodlights
  • a bicycle rack
  • a magazine rack
  • 2 washing machine hoses
  • 4 license plates
  • a box of train track
  • 4 random electronic things
  • 3 lightbars
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • a suit