#MinsGame Day 10

It’s time to stock up on wood pellets.  We came this close to making it through the winter on what we had.  In order to load in another ton, I had to clean the garage a bit.  This was good for a couple days’ worth of minimizing. (I also threw away a fair bit of plain junk without counting it.)

IMG_0378Minimalism Game Day 10: a water jug from camping, a pair of snow shoes, 4 rolls of rat wire, 3 O-scale train cars, and the power pack from the train diorama.

Running total: 53 items

  • A water jug
  • Snow shoes
  • 4 rolls of rat wire
  • 3 O-scale train cars
  • Model train power pack
  • 13 model fire engines
  • 2 boxes of model people
  • a pair of duty boots
  • a chalkboard
  • A drill press
  • 6 video tapes
  • 2 floodlights
  • a bicycle rack
  • a magazine rack
  • 2 washing machine hoses
  • 4 license plates
  • a box of train track
  • 4 random electronic things
  • 3 lightbars
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • A suit