#MinsGame Day 6


Minimalism Game Day 6:

Things are getting a bit eclectic.  Two large floodlights, bought for running trains outside at night. We haven’t run trains outside at night in years. A bicycle rack for a hatchback. We haven’t owned a car which fits under it since 2012. A brass magazine rack. Two washing machine hoses which I bought for a failed project in the darkroom. (I have newer and better ones on the actual washing machine.)

Off to Goodwill. . .

Running total: 21 items

  • 2 floodlights
  • a bicycle rack
  • a magazine rack
  • 2 washing machine hoses
  • 4 license plates
  • a box of train track
  • 4 random electronic things
  • 3 lightbars
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • A suit