Turning goals into reality


For years I have had a soft goal of climbing Mount Washington.  I have summited numerous times, but always by motorized conveyance.  I have driven it more times than I can count and ridden up the tracks propelled by both steam and BioDiesel.  It is a wondrous place.

On foot I’ve climbed as high as Tuckerman’s, and I have lunched at Lakes of the Clouds.  I’ve just never finished the deed.

I have planned in the dead of winter to train and hike and complete it. Maybe this year. . . 

No more maybe. No more dreams.  I have signed up for Seek the Peak in July.  I’ll be hiking the mountain with thousands of other people to raise funds for the Mount Washington Observatory.

Please consider sponsoring me here.  A buck or two is all I ask.  See you on the summit on 7/16!