Rebooting the experiment

I tried, and I was good. I vacationed in consumer paradise. T-shirts, hats, pins, all manner of souvenirs; I resisted them all.  I browsed pens and notebooks, and I left them on the shelves. The family shopped a lot and bought a little, but I held fast to my pledge.

I did buy a bit of candy on Day 7, but that’s expendable.  It wouldn’t be coming home anyway.

Then on Day 8 the family went into a jewelry store.  I pulled up a bench outside to watch the shoppers stroll by in the sun. There was nothing I could possibly want in there, and the weather was wonderful out here.  That’s when I noticed it. . .

The spice and tea store.

A quick browse couldn’t hurt, right? After all, tea is expendable.  A bit of fresh Earl Grey would not be breaking my vow.

The Earl Grey is fine. So is the Oolong I bought with it.  I have no excuse for this though. (It does allow me to brew loose leaf teas, but. . .)

As pennance I have retired both of my old iced tea pitchers and my ratty Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker.  One in, three out.

It’s like a diet. Failure doesn’t mean the end, just delayed success. The 30 day clock has restarted on the experiment as of 2/21.  Today I bought nothing. Tomorrow’s plan is trash bags and kitty litter.  I should own stock in the kitty litter company.


CLM update:

C: blogged, developed film, scanned one roll

L: I didn’t work on my Spanish today. I did read another chapter of An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

M: one camera shipped to new owner, plus the above mentioned pitchers leaving