Minimizing experiment

I’ve just returned from 9 days away on vacation with the family.  You may not have noticed I was gone, and that was deliberate.  Aside from one Instagram slip-up, I tried not to post that I was away from home.  The photo above is of everything I brought, with the exception of a light jacket.  (The shoes are included merely for size reference.)

The vacation was great. I need not share details here.  The packing was an experiment, and it worked fabulously.  I packed light and chose fabrics which were easy to hand wash and hang dry.  I brought along my phone, my Nook, a notebook and a few favorite pens.  I planned one camera and 5 rolls of film; at the last minute I caved, added a second camera, and doubled the film.  Toiletries, a charger, and my CPAP rounded out the ensemble.

It was wonderfully freeing.  It has inspired me to keep downsizing at home.

I missed my dog and my cats.  I would miss my laptop if we had been gone much longer.  I need a car.  I’m unwilling to give up my steam engines or my photography equipment.  Aside from that I think I could live without the rest of my stuff.

Food for thought and inspiration. . .


It was also interesting to note the sheer volume and mass of STUFF that other people carry when they travel. The theme park entrances had long lines of people waiting to have their bags inspected as I strolled past with my camera in hand. Our entire party breezed through 2 airports with one small roller bag each.

It’s not supposed to be about judgement, but it’s hard not to feel pity for folks who feel they cannot live a few days or hours without all those things.