If you have followed NfMH for any length of time, you have seen many attempts at projects and self improvement.  Many of them have failed in the end.  I always mean well.  I think this one may have some traction.

In an effort to prevent ‘wasted’ days, I am now living with the following three objectives every day: Create, Learn, Minimize/Maintain.

Every day I WILL create something.  This includes photography, writing in my journal, and yes, posting here.

Every day I WILL learn something. My primary focus is learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone.  I have had the program for years and never gotten very far.  On days when this is not feasible I plan to focus on reading something non-fiction.

Every day I WILL minimize something from my life.  Today I took two bags of clothing to the thrift store and sold a camera on eBay.  On days when I am not home (and therefore unable to clean out) I will focus on maintaining my surroundings via cleaning or simple improvements.

I have been quietly succeeding for a week now.  I find that these three small things make me feel as if I have accomplished something, no matter what else happens to the day.