Today I went meta:  I donated away my "how to declutter" book. I also disposed of a trunk full of random things, an old stereo I don't use, and a few more DVDs.  Then I emptied the hall closet completely, disposed of most of its contents, and properly stowed the vacuum cleaners for the first… Continue reading Meta

Jackson XC

From an ill-fated XC skiing trip earlier this month. The company was good, but the conditions were pretty bad. This winter has been hard on JacksonXC. Shot on Kodak BW400CN in a Nikon L35AF.


If you have followed NfMH for any length of time, you have seen many attempts at projects and self improvement.  Many of them have failed in the end.  I always mean well.  I think this one may have some traction. In an effort to prevent 'wasted' days, I am now living with the following three… Continue reading CLM