Plum Island Turnpike (2016.01.25)

Today was a wonderful bright day with temperatures in the mid 30’s. The recent coating of snow and ice has left many photographic possibilities. With a hour or two to kill this morning, I headed to Plum Island.

The area around the impossible barn was fabulous, with chunks of ice heaved up around the beached docks. I vowed to catch it on my return. I proceeded onto the island, making it just to Sunset Boulevard before the RFD was dispatched to a bad motor vehicle crash.

I turned around.

I made it back to the mainland. Reports from the scene were of a minor crash, so I turned around again, back to the island.

The gatehouse at the reservation was unstaffed today. I made it as far as Parking Lot #2 before the RFD was dispatched for a second call. Back across the turnpike I went.

I finally made it to headquarters in time to see the engines returning, and I never did stop to photograph the impossible barn. I hope the weather is nice tomorrow.