Week 51 – G.A.S

I am a long-time sufferer of G.A.S. – Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  This has led to a large camera collection and forays into many odd formats.  This past year I forced myself to stop buying, slim the collection, and become more familiar with the hardware I already own.

I still have moments of weakness though. Recently I bought a Pentax ME Super, a cute little SLR which has failed me twice in the past. This one was supposedly just CLA’d. . .

I know better, but I took an untested camera and loaded it with untested film.  The results were. . .interesting.


Jenness Beach in Rye, NH was a favorite spot for both surfers and drone pilots shortly after Christmas. I’d like to see some of the video.



Elsewhere in my travels, this retired Mack CF fire engine sits in Wells, ME near the exit from I95.  It has been for sale for a very long time.  I took an opportunity to geek on the details on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The results were dark and grainy.


Camera: Pentax ME Super

Lens: 50mm

Film: FPP Retrochrome 160

I need to try the film in a known camera, and some known film in the ME Super.  The adventure continues.