It lives! (i366 2016.01.15)

Raspberry PI2, Motorola lapdock, a few cables, and lots of patience.  It doesn’t do Netflix or YouTube yet, but it’s a passable excuse for a laptop for under $100.

It won’t replace my MacBook, but it’s a cool Linux toy for surfing and reading my email at work.

2 responses to “It lives! (i366 2016.01.15)”

  1. I like your pi. which model is it?

    Where did you find the laptop to plug it into, and is it duel boot or is the pi running the whole shabang?


    1. Thanks. It’s a Pi2, currently running Raspbian Jessie on a 16gb card.

      The ‘laptop’ is a Motorola lapdock. It’s a screen, keyboard, and battery only. It is designed to plug in an Android smartphone and use it as a computer. It has USB and HDMI plugs on the back, perfect for the Pi with a couple of short cables. The lapdock idea was expensive and never caught on, so you can get them cheaply on Amazon or eBay.

      Next step is a lower profile case, so I can attach the Pi to the back of the screen. (I’m blogging from it now.)


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