It lives! (i366 2016.01.15)

Raspberry PI2, Motorola lapdock, a few cables, and lots of patience.  It doesn’t do Netflix or YouTube yet, but it’s a passable excuse for a laptop for under $100.

It won’t replace my MacBook, but it’s a cool Linux toy for surfing and reading my email at work.

2 thoughts on “It lives! (i366 2016.01.15)”

    1. Thanks. It’s a Pi2, currently running Raspbian Jessie on a 16gb card.

      The ‘laptop’ is a Motorola lapdock. It’s a screen, keyboard, and battery only. It is designed to plug in an Android smartphone and use it as a computer. It has USB and HDMI plugs on the back, perfect for the Pi with a couple of short cables. The lapdock idea was expensive and never caught on, so you can get them cheaply on Amazon or eBay.

      Next step is a lower profile case, so I can attach the Pi to the back of the screen. (I’m blogging from it now.)


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