Week 46 – Disappointment

Earlier in the year I might not have presented this roll at all.  I was excited when I finished Roll #46 in my Minolta Auto 110 SLR.  It was an expired roll of Kodacolor 200 from who-knows-when.  So excited I tweeted about it. . .

The results were frankly junk.  It’s just too expired.  These were the only shots I could salvage, and only one of them is even remotely good.

Here they are though:201512_Auto110_001201512_Auto110_003201512_Auto110_007201512_Auto110_010

I think I’m done with 110 format.  Even with in-date film, the results are mediocre.  When I was collecting every interesting camera I could find, 110 was a fun experiment.  Now I would rather use a more substantial camera and get better results.  (I may keep the Minolta Weathermatic A though, because it’s cool and fulfills a unique function.)