Week 45b – Christmas

I selected the Minolta Weathermatic 35DL for shooting Christmas by accident.  I wanted something decent and automatic with a flash. My first choice Olympus MjuII had a dead battery.  There was certainly no need for a weather resistant camera this year.

Christmas morning was a success.


My dog can be a long-suffering saint at times. Then she’ll destroy something to make up for it.


Kiddo is practicing to be a teenager soon.


But we still have our moments.


At the farm.


We mostly missed out on this guy. Kiddo was never a Sesame fan.


The coat rack of a volunteer firefighter.


This roll simply refused to end, and the Weathermatic has no way to manually rewind the film.  The solution was a few ‘wasted’ shots.  I give you “chicken” and “garage.”


Camera: Minolta Weathermatic 35DL

Film: Portra 400

Developed & scanned at home (Unicolor kit/JOBO CPA2, Epson v700)


Thanks to Urban and the rest of the 52 Rolls crew for having me around this year.  I’ll fill in the gaps as things get developed, and I have a few ideas for 2016.