Week 45a – Foster Happiness

This should technically be Roll 52 as it’s the last roll I shot this year. It’s also the last C-41 35mm, so it was developed out of order while I had the JOBO warmed up.

The subjects are vaired, but I like most of the shots.  I’m splitting it into two posts, as I feel this one needs to be separate.

Leading from the middle of the roll, this is Maggie:


Maggie is our latest foster cat.  She came to us pregnant. The plan was for her to live here until the kittens were weaned and then go back to the shelter for adoption.

Best laid plans. . .

It seems Maggie did a convincing impression of being pregnant but never actually was.  Instead she went into heat.  She still lived with us until after her spay scars healed.

I fell hard for this cat, but we already have more cats than we should.  We simply cannot add another.  Yesterday I drove her back to the shelter.  Putting her in a cage broke my heart, but I know it’s the right thing for her.

This afternoon we received an update email from the shelter.  Maggie spent less than 24 hours there before being adopted!  She’s in her forever home tonight, and I’m a bit weepy.


Camera: Minolta Weathermatic 35DL

Film: Portra 400

Developed & scanned at home: Unicolor kit/JOBO CPA2, Epson v700