Onward to 2016!

The last time I did a successful 365 Project was in 2010.  It was a trying year for non-photographic reasons.  In the end having a series of the “little moments” to look back on was worth the effort.

In the wake of a completed 52 Rolls project I have decided to attempt Project 366 for 2016.  This time around, my iPhone 6 will be the primary camera.  It makes decent images and is always available.  Posts will be tagged i366.


January 1 – At work all day.  I think the inverted stripes on my new rig make it look angry, and a B&W conversion enhances the effect. KEEP BACK indeed!

January 2 – Saw Star Wars on the really big screen in 3D.  Loved it.  This gem is at the very end of the credits.

January 3 – Highway selfie.  Off to ski Shawnee Peak with Kiddo.  Apologies for the blurriness; the offending screen protector has since been removed.

For my film-y friends, fear not.  I have not defected to the digital side. I have big weekly plans in the darkroom. Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Onward to 2016!”

  1. As much as I prefer a “real” camera over my I-Phone, I have come to a few realizations after many discussions with my wife.

    1st – Composition is composition. My wife has no formal art or photographic training, yet her natural ability to produce a well composed I-Phone pic surpasses my trained one. It pisses me off.

    2nd – Though I always have at least one “real” camera with me, I sometimes use my I-Phone to capture a few shots. When I want to post something on dept. social media, or on my FB page, the complexity of transferring images from either of my DSLRs to the web while in the field is cumbersome. An I-Phone is designed to do this. For social media, the I-Phone is often a better tool.

    3rd.- My phone is always in my pocket. Not in my Jeep or my truck, but right there 6 inches from my hand. Convenience is a great thing.

    I think your 366 project is a great idea, as it will improve your use of a tool that is probably more practical than your film cameras and will likely be used more often as time goes on. Good luck.


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