Week 42 – SFX200

Back in August I tried my hand at a roll of Ilford SFX200 pseudo-infrared film. I loaded it into my Holga and took it to a horse show at Three County Fairgrounds with a #25 red filter in my pocket. I’m very happy with the results.






201508_Holga_SFX012This last one is my absolute favorite. Red tractor, blue sky.

Camera: Holga 120 GCFN

Film: Ilford SFX200

Developed at home in D76, scanned with Epson v700.

2 thoughts on “Week 42 – SFX200”

    1. It’s a standard B&W process. The film is not true infrared, but its spectrum extends into the infrared so it can be used for either. A dark red filter enhances the effect.

      Thanks for the comment, Captain. Glad to know you’re still lurking. 🙂


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