Week 38 – Fire engine geekery

For years I was a fire apparatus nerd.  I collected photos and specs; I knew all sorts of minute details. Over time the drive to shoot and collect has waned, but I can still identify most of the classic makes and models from a block away.

Today I look at fire engines differently when I visit places.  The composition and condition of a fleet tells me interesting things about a department.  The number and type of apparatus signifies a lot about the response conditions they face; the age tells a lot about the support they get from their community; and the condition tells me things about their pride and morale.

On day one of my Adirondack trip the Otter Lake Fire Department hosted us for lunch.  I enjoyed nosing around their fleet.  While a bit on the older side their  1 engine, 2 tankers, mini-pumper and rescue were well maintained and housed in a clean, modern station.  They seemed to be a well-organized and proud rural department.  Rock on, guys.

Camera: Leica M3

Lens: 50mm Summilux

Film: Ilford HP5+

Developed and scanned at home.