Happy Camper

For years I was a MacBook person.  The Mrs and I had a pair of 12″ PowerPCs running OS 10.2.8 back before they were cool.  They eventually gave way to first generation 14″ Intel powered units.

The Intels were great. We certainly got our money’s worth out of them, but time marched on.  I got an iPad2 and jumped on the tablet bandwagon.  When it was time to replace the old MacBooks, we balked at the price.  I bought an HP instead.

It didn’t take long for me to hate Windows 8.  I wiped the machine and installed Linux.  It was fun. It was edgy. It was like being back in the 1990s where some things worked, some things didn’t, and everything required tinkering.  I loved it.

My loyalties were split though.  Recently in a fit of frustration I quipped that I just wanted everything to work together on the first try.  She heard me, and a new MacBook Pro appeared under the Christmas tree.

I have to wonder if the world has lost its way with mobile computing.  Phones and tablets have their place, but right now I am REALLY HAPPY with a real keyboard and a screen that stands up by itself.

I still enjoy tinkering, and I have the parts to build a Raspberry Pi laptop on order.  It won’t be my primary machine though.  This one just works.

Maybe I’ll write more. . .