The Year of the Print

I think I will succeed in completing the 52 Rolls project after all. I’ve written and scheduled posts through week 40. Weeks 41 and 42 have been scanned and are simply awaiting time to write. Week 43 is hanging in the darkroom awaiting scan. Week 44 is at the lab, and week 45 needs to be developed in my basement.

Weeks 46-49 are partially shot, waiting in-camera for me to finish them. While it’s not truly a roll a week, if I can shoot 3 rolls this week I will make it to 52.

Looking ahead, I don’t think I will take on another shooting project in 2016. I’ve only completed a 365 project once, despite attempting it three times. My 52 Cameras project was fun, but I’m past the point of enjoying a large random collection.

52 Rolls has been a learning experience. I started off with much enthusiasm, but I couldn’t keep it up. Feeling I HAD TO shoot a roll in any given week became a burden.

So what for 2016?

I plan to keep photographing, using whichever cameras and films meet my mood. I have mentioned that I want to spend more time in the darkroom; I also started a printing project this year which I did not finish.

2016 will be THE YEAR OF THE PRINT (#TYoTP). I plan to produce 52 good prints in my darkroom. They may not be spaced exactly weekly; an average of one per week will be good enough. Source matter will be a combination of old and new negatives as fancy strikes.

Wish me luck!