The return of 52 Rolls – Week 32

I haven’t forgotten about the 52 Rolls project; I just haven’t been scanning and posting.  Frankly, I forgot my password to the site and am sick to death of password reset protocols.  (Proper password discipline is a pain.)

Back in July, Rescue 82 and I took the dogs on an interesting jaunt.  Seashore Trolley Museum now connects to the trails of the Smith Preserve in Kennebunk.  It was a fun was to spend a morning, and the dogs didn’t seem to mind riding the streetcar.


The trail initially follows the old right-of-way of the Atlantic Shore Line.  It runs in a straight line from the end of the Seashore line to Route 1 at the Biddeford city line.0915FP4_unk_009 0915FP4_unk_010

I don’t remember which camera I was using, but the film is FP4 developed at home in D76.