Focus part 2

Reading is going well. I’ve finished a couple of books and stocked up on more from the library. I’ve deleted a lot of things from the DVR which I will never find the time to watch. Writing is sporadic, but here I am.

I have been to the gym less than I want but more than I was. I did strain my Achilles tendon, so I’ve had to be careful. Guess I’m not as young as I used to be.  I’m down 8 pounds and my belt is too loose. This is a good thing, but only if I can keep it.

I haven’t done much with photography and the darkroom, but with good reason:  I’ve found a plan for the STUFF.

A friend pointed us to “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” It’s extreme. It’s a little crazy. It may be just what I need. I’ve been in a ‘throw it all away’ mood for a while. This gave me a framework to throw much of it away, and to keep what I need.

As the purge progresses, I’ve developed a new unit of measure: the bus-load. It’s not as cool as a pirate-ninja, but it fits my situation well.  I’ve hauled 2 VW bus-loads to Goodwill, a bus-load to the dumpster, and a bus-load and a half to the Got Books bins.  I’ve also donated about a dozen cameras to the new lending library at Old School Photo Lab.

Most waking moments that have not been devoted to work or the gym have been involved in purging stuff, so the darkroom remains largely neglected.  I’ll catch up eventually.