Bus life

It’s Halloween. Craziness reigned today. We had to retrieve the truck from the shop. In Salem. Did I mention that it was Halloween?

Soccer game (5-1 loss), frantic search for smoke machine and inflatable cat for the yard, cook dinner. . .

Kiddo dressed as a TARDIS and went off with her friend who is the 11th Doctor.  I am a man in a white van with candy.

I may not have completely thought this through. . .

Our driveway is long, dark and scary, so every year we set up at the street end to hand out candy. The first group of kids has passed. I can hear the toddlers shrieking in the next block.

But right here right now, it is so quiet I can hear the quartz clock ticking. Acorns are falling in the woods, and I just heard my neighbor’s boiler turn off.

Peace is where you find it. Watch out for zombies and men in white vans!