Every summer we swear we will keep the craziness in check.  We will limit our activities and commitments.  This year we really meant it.  We limited the number of horse shows and trips we had planned.  Things were looking and feeling good.

And yet. . .

Saturday: First day with Kiddo back from her grandparents’. Mrs. Mack505 left for her horse show in the morning and Kiddo and I spent the day packing the bus for the next day.  Errands and chores ate the whole day.

Sunday: Depart for mountains in the bus. Hike a couple miles in the rain. Picnic in Intervale. Set up VW in camp and enjoy evening thunder showers from inside.

Monday: Drive bus (slowly) up Pinkham Notch to Wildcat Mountain.  Ride gondola to summit with Kiddo and FeistyCricket.  Photograph and hike a bit.  Putt home in the bus with growing mechanical issues.

Tuesday: Interview old-school VW mechanic and book appointment. Drive to horse show on other side of the state.  Fast, quiet, and air conditioned; definitely not driving the Westfalia.  Stay over with Mrs. Mack505 in big RV at the fairgrounds.

Wednesday: Depart fairgrounds at 0430.  Work for 24.

Thursday: Early morning MD appointment.  Fix flat and fit new saddlebags to motorcycle. Drive to southern NH to re-register speeder and ATV. Pull speeder from storage and prep for weekend. Take motorcycle for shakedown run and ice cream. [Type blog post.]

Looking forward:

Friday: Work 24 hours.

Saturday: In-service training on new ladder truck at RFD. Drive back to mountains and set up camp with tent.

Sunday: Volunteer at CSRR with speeder for Day Out With Thomas. Drive back home.

Monday: Volunteer at trolley museum.

Yup, less crazy.