Week 22 – WOW!

I have slowed my camera collecting recently and have even de-accessioned pieces which I don’t care about. This spring I spent a few weeks watching a Craigslist ad for a Mamiyaflex C2, and when it didn’t move I gave the owner a call. I have heard great things about Mamiya TLRs.

At first blush I was nonplussed. The Mamiyaflex is bigger and heavier than either of my Yashica TLRs. Its primary distinguishing feature is the ability to change lenses. I only have the stock 80mm portrait lens, so this didn’t mean much to me. I shot a roll then set both the camera and the film aside for later.

This week I finally got around to developing it, and wow!


I know that the camera is only partially responsible, but this is one of the best images I have made in quite a while. I need to find time to print this. The rest of the roll was also very good.



Closed for season201506_Mamiyaflex_011

Bridge to nowhere201506_Mamiyaflex_010

Rail trail201506_Mamiyaflex_008



North wing201506_Mamiyaflex_003

Authorized personnel only201506_Mamiyaflex_002Bark mulch

Camera: Mamiyaflex C2 with 80mm lens

Film: HP5+ developed in D76 1+1 12:00 20C