Hey, it’s an adventure!

Simplify. The modern mantra. We have too much stuff, too many demands on our time. Our family has joined the cause, sending things to the thrift shop and pledging to be less busy.

Mrs. Mack505 has a horse show this week. It’s in Syracuse.  School ended yesterday, I was scheduled for a 24 hour shift today, and we all need to be in Buffalo on Friday.

I managed to swap my 24 for three overnights.  It means I haven’t slept at home since last Thursday and I’m exhausted, but I don’t have to arrange care for Kiddo today.  One issue solved.

Driving 2 cars to Buffalo so we can drive home separately on the same day seems at least silly and perhaps stupid. I hit upon the idea of a jaunt to NYC for Kiddo and me. We will spend a bit seeing the sights before hopping another train to BUF.  Another win.

We get to ride the Acela and see New York. It’ll be a great adventure!

Uh huh. Sure.

The Acela broke south of Providence. We crawled as far as Old Saybrook, CT before being transferred to an already-full Regional train. We will get to NYC 2 hours late if we are lucky.

I sit here in a single seat next to a Buddhist monk, typing as we putt across coastal Connecticut. Kiddo sits across the aisle playing Subway Surfer on the iPad without a trace of irony.  I wonder where my simplicity went.

But hey, its an adventure!